Policies and Procedures for Admission

Admission into Kuwait Bilingual School depends on several criteria. This is done to ensure that students are ready to study in a bilingual program. The following procedures must be completed before admission can be considered:

1. The Admission Application form must be filled out correctly. All required documents should be enclosed, and the KD 50 application fee should be paid. This fee is not refundable.

Documents needed with the application:

Birth certificate

2 photos

Copy of the parents’ civil ID (both father and mother)

Copy of the student’s civil ID

Copy of previous school report cards

Behavior certificate from previous school (grades 4 and above)

Copy of vaccination card

Copy of any court order about the student (education custody)

Copy of the father's nationality (only for Kuwaitis)

Student’s health file.

The school’s permission form, signed and dated. 

2. A parent conference with both mother and father may be requested to ensure that parents support the school’s mission. 

3. The admission’s assessment will take place according to the school’s set schedule when the above documents have been received and if previous school reports are satisfactory.

4. School principals will advise the school director of the assessment results. 

5. Parents will then be informed by telephone if their child has been accepted. Acceptances may be conditional. (For example if the school feels a child might benefit from a Summer Program or Academic Support in one or more subjects before the student joins the school). If there are no spaces at a particular grade level, parents may request that their child be put on a waiting list. 

6. The student’s parent / guardian must pay the first tuition installment in full within seven days of acceptance. Places will not be kept open after that date. 

7. Upon acceptance, parents / guardians should finish all the procedures based on the Ministry of Education requirements.

8. If the parent / guardian decides to withdraw the student from the school after the first payment and before end of June, the school will return 50% of the paid first installment, but after this date there will be no refund.

9. There will be a 5% discount on school fees for siblings starting from the second student.

10. In cases where spaces are limited, priority will be given to those who have siblings in the school.

11. All students will be issued places to KBS upon merit only. (No “wasta”) 


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