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The High School Guidance Counselor at Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS) works in close partnership with the Principal and all Teachers in promoting and supporting students’ success.  The High School Counselor provides students with the support, advice and guidance they need to develop academically and socially, encouraging positive motivation and aspirations needed to enter university upon graduation from High School.

Preparing students for university and the wider world of work is a priority for the High School Counselor.  This is done by facilitating the college application process, including assisting students with university entry requirements, ensuring students are prepared academically for their desired courses and are well informed about different entrance examinations, such as SATs, IELT’s, and those for local and regional education establishments.  The High School Guidance Counselor meets individually with all High School students at the beginning of each academic year to set a ‘Career Planning Goal’.  This allows the Counselor to establish personal relationships with all the students, to enable the appropriate guidance throughout High School and ensure students make the correct elective subject choices.  Informal and formal information sessions and workshops are also part of the High School Counselor’s role in ensuring students are fully informed and actively thinking about their career options and their future.

The High School Counselor encourages students to participate in the wider community by completing community service work and voluntary placements, because it is a valuable and important part of the students’ learning, character building and a necessary requirement for successful university entry.  The students are also informed by the High School Counselor of University Fairs, that take place in Kuwait and the Counselor arranges university visits to show students all the opportunities available to them.

Pastoral support is an important part of the Counselors’ role in ensuring students’ relationships with peers and teachers are positive.  The High School Counselor also helps students work through difficult situations both personal and academic, by promoting mediation and conflict resolution which in turn leads to successful student transitions from grade to grade.

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